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Labour, Employment and Business Law

We have thorough expertise and extensive experience in labour and employment law. We advise enterprises in all situations of an employment relationship, from the drafting and finalization of employment contracts through to the termination of employment relationships.

Many clients have strong connections to IT: Employment contracts for IT experts, the deployment of staff within IT projects at customers, so we endeavour to avoid proceedings before the labour courts, which are not desired by the IT industry. In close cooperation with our colleagues specialising in IT law, we assist during the introduction of software (ERP programs) with regard to the law on works councils. Our data privacy and employment law experts cooperate closely with regard to data privacy issues concerning employees.

In the area of business law we assist SMEs in particular regarding all significant issues. In doing so we never lose sight of the financial consequences of our actions. This also applies to foreign activities since we have an excellent network of foreign colleagues in several countries.

Labour and employment law

In addition to the traditional areas where advice is delivered on the recruitment and dismissal of employees, we have proven expertise in the hiring out of employees and the deployment of contract workers. We regularly assist in the restructuring of businesses, especially in the negotiation of social compensation plans.

We focus particularly on providing guidance to enterprises in matters governed by the law on works councils. We endeavour to avoid confrontation between those active within an enterprise and prefer to encourage effective, focussed discussions with the works council in order to realize the employer’s business interests.

Corporate law

The foundation of a business, regular advice provided to shareholders and executive bodies, preparation of shareholder meetings, acquisition, transformation of companies, disputes among shareholders, sale, liquidation. We provide guidance throughout all phases using entrepreneurial and legal knowledge. We advise start-ups in particular so that they embark on the route towards success by selecting the right legal form and the best possible legal structure for their company.

Commercial and distribution law

We provide customized advice to our clients on the development of their distribution systems, whether in the form of franchising, commercial agency or a system of authorized distributors. We have particular expertise in the legal examination, drafting and finalization of standard terms and conditions relating to business and delivery. We represent businesses and distribution partners in negotiations and in court in order to enforce or avert typical claims arising under commercial law (commission claims, non-competition clauses, claims for injunctive relief against competitors etc.) 

Insurance law

We advise insurance companies and insurance agencies across all areas on legal issues relating to product development and sales. We also provide support during the processing of claims and with regard to issues concerning insurance contracts and supervisory matters. We advise insured parties on issues concerning the analysis of risk and liability. We resolutely enforce and avert claims in negotiations and in court. 

Hotels, restaurants and catering

We have advised hotel groups, restaurants and catering companies for many years. We have extensive legal expertise in the drafting, negotiation and finalization of rental agreements and leases, in the sale of hotel businesses and in providing regular advice to hotels while taking account of their particularities under labour, employment and public law.