Our lawyers are specialists in the field of e-health in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe

Legal issues relating to digitalization, data protection and IT in the healthcare sector

In the field of e-health our advisory services cover all legal issues concerning the use of IT and communications technology in the health system. In particular, we provide advice to enterprises offering healthcare IT and medical products, to hospitals and others offering services within the health system and to health insurance companies, for example with regard to electronic patient files and health apps.

Apart from the question of health data protection, we advise on questions of the evidential value of electronic documentation, the ban on remote treatment, the regulation of medical products, the IT-support cooperation between those offering medical services and on financing by cost centres. In this connection we draw up and negotiate contracts on particular, especially IT-integrated forms of health care (selective contracts, model and other projects especially but not exclusively in the state health insurance system). Our portfolio includes legal guidance throughout medical quality assurance processes and research. Advice on the challenges posed by provisions regulating the professions as well as those arising under social welfare and competition law in the IT environment of the health care system complete our services.

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