IT security law

Our attorneys in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are specialists in legal issues relating to IT security law

Legal issues relating to IT security

We also focus on consulting in the area of IT security law. Our activities not only cover specific IT security law issues, but also integrate aspects of data and data protection law as well as IT contract law. In this context, our consulting covers European and national legal acts in the area of IT security.

In addition to the question of whether companies fall within the scope of these legal acts, we also provide support on issues relating to their implementation. Regarding compliance requirements, we also assist with the drafting of internal guidelines relating to IT security. At the interface with IT contract law, we review, draft and negotiate IT security-related provisions in IT contracts of all kinds.

Another key aspect of our consulting services is assisting companies in the event of cyber attacks or other IT security emergencies. We provide support in all legal matters and take care of, for example, reporting to authorities or internal and external communication

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