Data protection and data law

Our attorneys in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe are specialists in legal issues relating to data/data protection

Data protection - with and without personal references

Another focus of our activities is the area of data protection and IT compliance, such as the design and risk assessment of cloud computing models. Here, we offer advice on the technical design of IT systems with regard to data protection (“privacy by design”), setting up a company data protection office, and checking the permissibility of business models and their design in line with data protection requirements, for example by means of appropriate data protection notices, declarations of consent and contracts for commissioned data processing. We also carry out or accompany data protection audits, provide support with data breach notifications, and provide external company data protection officers.

In the area of IT compliance, in addition to data protection and aspects of IT security, we also check compliance with other legal requirements. In this respect, our activities regularly include support in setting up legal license management, risk protection in the use of open source software, and assistance with audits of software manufacturers. In the area of telecommunications, we advise on issues such as telecommunications secrecy, data retention and open WLANs. The avoidance of liability risks for management by setting up suitable internal control and risk management systems completes our profile.

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