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  • Law firm for technology, IP and media
    We are a specialist IT and IP law firm located in the technology and innovation hubs of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.
  • Law firm for technology, IP and media
    We advise on all issues of information technology, intellectual and industrial property rights including trademarks and designs. We also advise at the interface to labour and employment law, and business law.

Law firm for technology, IP and media

We are a specialist IT and IP law firm located in the technology and innovation hubs of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. We advise on all issues of information technology, intellectual and industrial property rights including trademarks and designs. We also advise at the interface to labour and employment law, and business law.  

v—p—Law firm

We always aim to achieve the best possible business solution for our clients. This requires a high degree of specialization in legal and contract issues as well as an understanding of the larger entrepreneurial interests at stake. Our lawyers have substantial experience and expertise in their areas of practice while also being familiar with the typical contexts in specific projects and branches of industry, combined with their understanding of technical and creative processes. Our clients appreciate the personal, dependable advisory services of our lawyers, which also take the bigger picture into account. We advise innovative enterprises and entrepreneurs in the technological and media fields and from all branches of industry in which know-how, intellectual and industrial property rights promise a competitive advantage. We assist you in safeguarding and enhancing your advantage. This creates added value.


Vorsitz Hochschulrat der Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Karlsruhe

Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel wurde zum Vorsitzenden des Hochschulrats der Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe gewählt. Die HfG ist eine 1992 gegründete Reformhochschule für Kunst und verbindet die traditionellen Künste mit der Medientechnologie.

VP-Rechtsanwälte kommentieren in Götting/Meyer/Vormbrock (Hrsg.) Gewerblicher Rechtschutz und Wettbewerbsrecht

Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel kommentiert die §§ 69a ff. UrhG (Computerprogramme) im frisch erschienen Praxishandbuch "Gewerblicher Rechtschutz und Wettbewerbsrecht" im Nomos-Verlag.


VP-Rechtsanwälte kommentieren in Schuster/Grützmacher, IT-Recht Kommentar

Prof. Marc Strittmatter kommentiert das Auftrags- und Geschäftsbesorgungsrecht für IT und Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel kommentiert das IT-Vertriebsrecht (Handelsvertreter) im frisch erschienenen Schuster/Grützmacher, IT-Recht Kommentar.


Rechtsfragen zur Corona-Krise

Die weltweite Corona-Pandemie führt zu einer Vielzahl wirtschaftlicher und damit auch rechtlicher Herausforderungen und Fragen. Wir haben einige Fragen in den folgenden Infoblättern zu wesentlichen Themen zusammengefasst und bewertet:

Wenn Sie konkrete Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich gerne an oder direkt an Ihren Ansprechpartner.

Corona-Tracing-Apps: zentral, dezentral, egal?

Die Bundesregierung hat jüngst eine Kehrtwende im Hinblick auf Apps zur Nachverfolgung der Kontakte von SARS-CoV-2-Infizierten vollzogen: vom zentralen zum dezentralen Architekturansatz. Ein Beitrag von Dr. Uwe K. Schneider für die Zeitschrift E-HEALTH-COM beleuchtet die Hintergründe und zeigt auf, wie es nun weitergehen kann.

VP Legal Lab in Constance starting September 2019

The IT/IP boutique Vogel & Partner opened the VP Legal Lab in Constance on September 1, 2019.

With the VP Legal Lab, Vogel & Partner creates an innovative working environment for the accelerated development and implementation of consulting services for clients in the areas of digitization, legal tech and data protection.


v—p—What Others Say About Us


Once again, Vogel & Partner was included in the list of the most important German law firms specializing in IT law (contracts, litigation) within the JUVE Handbook of German Commercial Law Firms 2018/2019. more>

FOCUS Spezial

According to the ranking of law firms in FOCUS Spezial No. 3 (October 2019), Vogel & Partner is one of Germany’s top business law firms in the area of IT and telecommunications. more>


Vogel & Partner is included among the best IT law firms in the Handelsblatt journal’s ranking of “Germany’s Best Lawyers 2019”.  more>


In der WirtschaftsWoche vom 14.08.2020 nennt diese im "Spezial - Datenschutz- und IT-Recht" Vogel & Partner unter den 27 renommiertesten Kanzleien und Anwälte für IT-Recht. Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel wird als Top Anwalt IT-Recht ausgezeichnet.

brand eins

Im Ranking von brand eins (Welche Wirtschaftskanzleien sind in Deutschland empfehlenswert?) im Heft 16, 2020, wurde Vogel & Partner auf der Bestenliste von Kanzleien für Informationstechnologie-Telekommunikation in die Gruppe der 28 besten Kanzleien aufgenommen (Rang 15-21).


Im Handelsblatt-Ranking „Deutschlands Beste Anwälte 2020“ wurde Vogel & Partner als „Top Kanzlei IT-Recht“ verzeichnet und Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel als einer von sechs "Deutschlands beste Anwälte 2020 im IT-Recht" ausgezeichnet.  mehr>


Karlsruhe, MFG Baden-Württemberg


Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel, Björn Früh
Seminar Urheberrecht für Museen

Karlsruhe, Badischer Sportbund Nord e.V.


Björn Früh, Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel
Datenschutz und Urheberrecht (Bildnisschutz) im Verein

Stuttgart, MFG Baden-Württemberg


Jürgen Held, Benjamin Janowitz
Seminar Marken- und Designrecht für Kreative

v—p—Areas of Specilization



The law firm’s core competence lies in IT law. We advise enterprises (both providers and customers) on the protection of software and databases, on drawing up and negotiating all kinds of IT contracts, and on data privacy protection. We take account of the particular legal challenges posed by digitization in all areas of a company and in value-added chains (“Industry 4.0”, “IoT”, autonomous driving). We support our clients when projects run into difficulties and also conduct IT litigation and arbitration proceedings as both lawyers and arbitrators. One of the pivotal factors in the success of Vogel & Partner is the combination of knowledge of the industry, an understanding of technology and legal expertise applied to the best possible advantage of our clients.

Intellectual Property and Media

Advisory services on intellectual property law form a further focus of our work. Trademarks, patents, designs, copyright and other intellectual property rights - IP increasingly constitutes the fundamental value of an enterprise. We assist our clients in protecting, defending and enhancing the value of their intellectual property. We develop secure portfolios of IP rights, draw up contracts on usage and exploitation, monitor IP rights and defend them against attacks mounted by third parties. Our clients also rely on our substantial experience in matters of competition law – both where disputes are settled out of court and in court proceedings.

Labour, Employment and Business Law

We have specialized expertise and extensive experience in labour and employment law. We advise enterprises during all phases and in all situations of employment relationships and their termination. We focus particularly on providing guidance to enterprises in matters governed by the law on works councils. We endeavour to avoid confrontation and prefer to encourage effective, purposeful dealings with the works council. In the area of business law we assist SMEs especially on all issues of corporate and commercial law. In doing so we do not lose sight of the financial consequences of our actions. We are able to rely on an excellent network of colleagues abroad where the foreign activities of our clients are concerned.


Location:   all  Karlsruhe  Stuttgart 
Area of practice:   all  Arbeitsrecht  IT-Recht  Wirtschaftsrecht  Wettbewerbsrecht  Multimedia- und Internetrecht  Gesundheitsrecht  Datenschutzrecht  Jugendschutzrecht  Deutsch-Französisches Recht  Medienrecht  Kunstrecht  Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz  Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht  Urheberrecht  Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht 
Prof. Dr. Oliver Ehret - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

German-French legal transactions, IT contracts, outsourcing contracts, software development contracts, copyright law, IT Risk Management and IT-Compliance

Prof. Dr. Oliver Ehret

Maître en Droit

[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Dr. Roman Frik - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

Drawing up and finalization of employment contracts, hiring out of employees, termination of employment relationships, corporate restructuring, German-French legal transactions

Dr. Roman Frik

Specialist Lawyer for Labor Law

IT contracts, ERP introductions, data privacy protection, digitization, e-commerce and apps

Björn Früh

Specialist Lawyer for IT Law

[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Tobias Haar - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

International business law, intellectual property, e-commerce, IT law, competition law

Tobias Haar

Of Counsel

Protection and defence of intellectual property rights, trademarks and design, competition and advertising, media and the arts, e-business

Jürgen Held

Specialist Lawyer for Intellectual Property Law

[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Benjamin Janowitz - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

Competition law, advertising and e-commerce, trademark and design law, copyright and media law

Benjamin Janowitz


[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Dr. Ralf Klühe - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

IT contracts, online law and e-business, digitization, data privacy protection, protection of intellectual property

Dr. Ralf Klühe


[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Dr. Oliver Meyer-van Raay -  Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

IT and technology projects, legal project management, commercial contracts, data privacy protection, digitization

Dr. Oliver Meyer-van Raay

Specialist Lawyer for IT Law

[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Dr. Uwe K. Schneider - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

IT contracts, apps, Big Data, cloud computing, data privacy protection, e-health

Dr. Uwe K. Schneider

Specialist Lawyer for IT Law
Specialist Lawyer for Medical Law

[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Prof. Dr. Marc Strittmatter - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

IT contracts, outsourcing and cloud contracts, ERP introductions, data protection law, digitization projects

Prof. Dr. Marc Strittmatter

[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

German-French legal transactions, IT projects, technology and contract drafting, copyright law

Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel

Specialist Lawyer for IT Law

[Übersetzen nach: englisch] Alexander Wiele - Vogel & Partner Rechtsanwälte mbB

Labour and employment law, international business law, corporate law, hotels

Alexander Wiele

Specialist Lawyer for Labor Law

Stefan Geppert


IT- und Technologieprojekte, Datenschutzrecht, Digitalisierung, E-Commerce

Josua Neudeck


Christian Neuschwander


Dr. Tanja Nitschke

Mag. rer. publ.
of Counsel