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Intellectual Property and Media

Intellectual property (IP) constitutes the capital on which a knowledge-based and future-oriented society is founded. Innovative ideas and know-how provide a leading edge and are the factors for success in global competition. Intellectual assets, meaning the existence and continued validity of trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and other IP rights, increasingly form the core value of an enterprise.

We assist our clients in protecting, defending and enhancing the value of their intellectual property. We develop secure portfolios of IP rights, draw up contracts relating to usage and exploitation, monitor IP rights and defend them against attacks mounted by third parties. Both in and out of court. Nationally and internationally.

Trademarks, design and know-how

Trademarks, designs and patents are “traditional” industrial and intellectual property rights. We offer comprehensive advice to our clients in this area: From the examination of eligibility for protection via the application and grant of IP rights up to IP portfolio management - we guide our clients from the outset and represent them both in and out of court and in procedures conducted by the authorities.

We also rely on our expertise in the licensing of IP rights, when drawing up delimitation agreements and other contracts regulating the acquisition or use of IP rights. In international matters we can, if necessary, rely rapidly and uncomplicatedly on a global network of specialist cooperation lawyers.

Competition and advertising law

The global market is characterized by free competition. Certain rules of the game are necessary in order to protect this competition. These rules are set out in the German Act Against Unfair Competition (UWG). When advising on matters of competition and advertising law we describe exactly and clearly the limits of lawful conduct on the market and in the interest of our clients ensure that these limits are also observed by other market participants.

We assist our clients at an early point in time in developing and implementing innovative advertising concepts by offering legal advice and by taking account of specific restrictions on advertising in the relevant branch of industry. Obviously, we also represent our clients in disputes under competition law with competitors, associations and professional bodies, no matter whether in or out of court.

Copyright and media law, the arts

One focus of our work is advice provided to the media industry. No matter whether a creator (advertising agency, designer, musician etc.) or an organization exploiting rights, the possibility of the limitless dissemination of images, texts, compositions and other works especially on the internet poses incessant and fundamental problems for the entire media industry as regards the handling of copyrights and use rights.

On the basis of our substantial and lengthy expertise, we provide sound advice to our clients with regard to the protection, licensing, use and enforcement of their rights. We guide them throughout the drafting and finalization of the relevant contracts and represent them both in and out of court.